Jennifer Mehigan (1988, Singapore / Cork) is an artist based in Belfast. Initially trained in graphic design and art education, her work spans multiple platforms, mixing together 3d modelling, found / stock objects and images, text, textiles, video, painting, sound, scent, and installation. Recently her practice has been expanding to include workshops and public / graphic collaborations.  She is currently an MFA candidate at the Belfast School of Art, Ulster University and runs the design agency SORBET from her studio in Blackstaff Mill. 

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           The objects and materials present in my work suggest human and non-human bodies merging: loose skin, saliva, gut lining, horse hair, mother-of-pearl, anodised metal, molten lava, carbon fibre, dragon skin, sequins, granite.  Digital environments experience a type of decomposition between the screen and the world our bodies inhabit and are inevitably disappointing, flatter than anticipated, even lacklustre without RGB backlighting.

The images/objects created are both sculptural and painted, beginning as 3D structures that are flattened, layered, and produced as inkjet-embedded membranes, sometimes stretched taut, sometimes floppy. Some of the compositions are entirely abstracted, environmental-animal hybrids, existing as synesthetic, almost-animated images that function as portals into other environments. Others are posters, falsely haphazard arrangements of objects on a 2D plane that expand out into the studio or gallery space as stickers in an attempt to dupe the viewer into imagining an impossible event or scenario.

There is an element of surrealism to my work that allows for simulations of wedding cake to exist alongside necrotic human tissue, emeralds, and lava. Fragmented narratives and mythologies perform a type of queer illegibility that recognizes its own participation in an image economy, but remains slippery enough to avoid being co-opted too enthusiastically.

Blackstaff Mill, Belfast